What is Myrcene?

Monday, Apr 5, 2021

Another terpene that’s extremely prevalent in the world of cannabis is Myrcene. It’s known to produce an earthy scent, often providing robust notes of balsam that are a little spicy and herbaceous. Myrcene has been used throughout history as an ingredient in a variety of herbal medicines, primarily in natural sleep aids. It can also be found in parsley, lemongrass, hops, and even mangos.

OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple and Grape Pie are all strains of cannabis that feature Myrcene as a dominant terpene. The effects provided by cultivars such as these, as well as its historical use in herbal remedies and sleep aids, are prime evidence of this terpene’s relaxing effects! This makes Myrcene an ideal terpene for relaxation. 

Keep an eye out for Myrcene being listed among a batch’s primary terpenes when looking for strains to enjoy later in the day or at night time. As always, there will be exceptions to this rule so make sure to look at a batch’s other dominant terpenes and effects too.


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