What is Humulene?

Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

As we’ve covered in our last few educational posts, the most common terpenes that can be found in cannabis are Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene. Beyond those three, there are still a wide variety of other terpenes that can be found in the world of cannabis. Humulene is another one that’s common! It contributes a wide range of scents that can be earthy, woody, herbaceous, and even subtly spicy. 

In nature Humulene has been found to naturally-occur in wood, hops, and many plants outside of cannabis. A wide variety of these plants have historically been used in Eastern holistic medicine! Over time anecdotal evidence has shown that Humulene is known to provide calming effects and can possibly even help to reduce physical discomfort. 

When it comes to cannabis Humulene is typically found in smaller amounts, often being the third or fourth most dominant terpene in a cultivar’s profile. Strains that contain large amounts of Humulene typically also feature Caryophyllene as the most dominant terpene. Prime examples of such cultivars include Gorilla Glue #4, Headband and Death Star! Keep this info in mind when looking for batches to fit your needs. We hope you all have been enjoying these educational posts on terpenes and are having a great week!

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