What is α-Bisabolol?

Monday, Apr 26, 2021

α-Bisabolol is a versatile terpene that shares many of its qualities with a majority of the terps that we’ve covered in our last few educational posts. It’s often the third or fourth most present terpene in a cultivar’s profile, and has been found to produce a freshly sweet and floral aroma that’s accented by mild notes of citrus! This pleasant scent is why α-Bisabolol is used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products, along with being used in lotions and hand creams as an anti-irritant.

α-Bisabolol has also been found to naturally occur in a wide variety of plant species, including the chamomile flower. As their name suggests, chamomile flowers are used to make chamomile tea; and when found in chamomile tea α-Bisabolol has been shown to produce effects that are ideal for promoting calmness and relaxation. In cannabis its effects are often very similar! 

Anecdotal evidence has even shown that when α-Bisabolol is working alongside a cultivar’s full spectrum terpenes and cannabinoids, it can help produce effects that encourage muscle recovery  similarly to how it functions in cosmetic topicals. Strains such as Headband, ACDC and Master Kush all feature α-Bisabolol as a dominant terpene and are good choices for robust body effects with physically calming qualities