Hash History: Old School Hash

Thursday, Jun 24, 2021

As many of you know our gummies are infused with terpene rich, full spectrum rosin. But solventless hash hasn’t always been such a refined extract! Old school hash has been around for centuries, and its first recorded origins trace back to 900 AD; although it is even thought to have existed before written documentation. These early forms of hashish originated in the Middle East and parts of Africa. At that time, hash was often eaten rather than smoked!

By 1300 AD Marco Polo had heard various rumors about hashish, and the legend of this potent cannabis extract began spreading to Europe. Then once Europe started to colonize, hash finally made its first appearance in the Western world. It became an imported product that was accepted by the public and studied for medical use. This led to European doctors even using hash as an ingredient in a wide variety of medications.

Hash had become a regular part of Western pharmacopeia! But as the 20th century began, the United States enacted cannabis prohibition. This once again caused hash and cannabis in general to be pushed into the black market, but it didn’t stay there forever. In our next Hash History post, we’ll be jumping ahead in time to discuss legalization and how the term ‘solventless’ was coined by Nikka T! Much love.