Why do some batch numbers get skipped?

Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021

In case you haven’t noticed,  we’ve skipped various batches in the past due to them not meeting our strict quality standards after being tested. Rather than try to salvage any material that wasn’t contaminated, we simply do not move forward with those batches. This helps our company to avoid ever releasing a product that doesn’t meet our standards.

The primary issue that causes a batch to be skipped is lead contamination. This has been an ongoing issue for the city of Denver, and it stems from many of Denver’s water service lines being made with lead. To remedy this issue at our facility, we use high quality water filters and always make sure that they’re replaced on a consistent basis. Then our rosin is also always checked for lead contamination when it’s sent in for testing. If any trace amounts of lead are found, we pull the batch out of production and do not move forward with it.

To play it safe, filtering your home’s drinking water is highly recommended if you live within Denver city limits. It’s also essential for every cannabis company that operates in Denver, especially solventless ones, to help maintain their product’s quality standards. We hope this quick PSA was helpful; and if you’re ever wondering why a particular batch never came out, just know you aren’t missing out at all.