Which cultivars are known to produce uplifting & energetic effects?

Tuesday, Jul 27, 2021

We’ve been asked many time if any of our batches are known to produce uplifting and energetic effects. This is a fantastic question, because many cultivars that we work with are known to produce mellow effects that lean towards the low energy side of the spectrum, which can make it a challenge to find batches that are good options for daytime consumption. Luckily there are numerous ways to judge if a cultivar’s effects will be upbeat, so we thought this is an ideal chance to share some knowledge.

Aside from the usual discussion of sativa versus indica, terpene profiles are an easy way to determine a strain’s effects. Both Limonene, Pinene, and Terpinolene are known to help produce an energetic, or at least balanced, high. Meanwhile, Myrcene and Linalool are some of the most common terpenes that will lead to relaxing or sleepy effects. All of this means when you’re looking for some gummies that produce upbeat effects, you’ll want to search for batches that feature Limonene, Pinene, or Terpinolene in their dominant terps. You’ll also want to avoid any batches that contain large amounts of  Myrcene or Linalool, unless you plan to consume them while you’re relaxing. 

Another factor that can help to determine if a batch’s effects are energetic or not is its CBC content. If large amounts of CBC are present, it can mean one of two things; either the batch will produce energetic effects that won’t be too racy or anxious, or its effects will be especially tiring and ideal for bedtime. The main way to know which one it will be is to refer to the previous paragraph before looking at the cultivar’s dominant terpenes. If the batch features some upbeat terpenes in its profile but has heavy CBC content, then it’ll be good for daytime (in moderation) but may be more calming  in larger doses. Meanwhile, if a batch features calming terpenes as the dominant ones in its profile and it also contains large amounts of CBC, you’ll want to save that batch for lazy days or bed time.