What happens to rosin as it ages?

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021

In a few of our previous educational posts, we’ve touched on various topics that relate to how rosin changes over time if it’s left at room temperature or is exposed to oxygen. One of the most prominent changes that happens as time goes on is that terpenes begin to convert to terpenoids! Although this can be seen as the terpenes degrading, most rosin is just as potent and aromatic (or more so) than it was before it began to cure. So just like when terpenes become terpenoids, does rosin really degrade as it ages? Or are these changes just making it into another form of the same hash without affecting its quality?

The short answer to these questions is that it depends on the climate and temperature of the environment that the rosin is left to cure in. If it’s left to cure in a sealed jar that stays between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit, the rosin will homogenize into a badder as time goes on; these are the first steps in making cold-cure rosin! After a few weeks of curing like this, the rosin will eventually begin to stabilize. It then needs to be left to warm up to room temperature before finally being stirred.

Meanwhile, if uncured rosin is left in a warmer environment that is closer to 70 degrees or higher, it will begin drying out (especially if the jar isn’t sealed). As time passes, the rosin will gradually lose its terpene content due to either oxidation or a lack of moisture. In these instances the rosin itself is actually degrading, which means that over time its potency and overall quality will get worse.

Some of this actually matters for the long-term storage of our gummies too! Although the details are slightly different since the rosin in our gummies has already been decarbed. Once rosin has been decarbed, it becomes much more stable. So unless you’re holding onto a batch of gummies for a couple of months or longer, they’ll be fine at room temp and won’t lose any potency. But for two months or longer we recommend storing your tins of Dialed In… Gummies in the fridge!