What does “sous vide” mean?

Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021

If you’re just discovering Dialed in Gummies, you may have noticed “sous vide batch” on our tins. For those of us who aren’t versed in cooking jargon (or French), “sous vide” (which translates to “under vacuum”) is a cooking technique used to cook foods in hot, circulating water while under a vacuum seal. Sous vide-ing allows chefs to have tight control of timing and temperatures, and also allows the food to retain more of its nutritional value.

At Dialed in, we use sealed mason jars instead of bags, but the concept remains. Because none of the material is exposed to open air during cooking and because sous vide cooking is more gentle than other methods, the resulting products retain more flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes than they would otherwise.

The results speak for themselves. That’s why we developed our specific sous vide process: we’re dedicated to giving you high-quality, terpene-rich, solventless gummies. Talk to your budtender about dialing in your edible experience with our gummies!