Medical Batch No 6

Lucky Melon Chunkz

“Lucky Charms x Melon Chunkz”

Flavors Champagne Mango | Granny Smith Apple | Malbec Grape
500MG Total Active THC Per Package | 10x50MG Total Active THC Per Serving
Batch Information

Hashmaker’s Notes: Two of Leiffa’s finest - Lucky Charmz and Melon Chunkz mixed into one batch for a truly magical rosin concoction. Both of these strains, heralded for their sweet, exotic fruitiness, blend together to make for a euphoric, uplifting, heady high. Each 50mg piece is seriously potent, making this batch highly potent for even the most experienced of stoners. The quality of this rosin has terpenes weighing in at 6%! - making for a very clean, authentic high to the original cultivar.

Suggested Use: Lucky Melon Chunkz will turn any Saturday into a dayger. Get ready to have some fun and party all day on this batch, because it’s gonna have your feet moving. Just 1 50mg gummie of this batch also makes for a great pre-dinner cocktail. Especially if you plan to go to a nice restaurant, this cultivar will have you really appreciating the food.

Cultivator: Leiffa

Cooking Method: All batches of Dialed In Gummies are prepared using our special sous vide process.

Primary List of Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, α-Bisabolol, Humulene, Linalool, Myrcene

Potency of Rosin Used: 82.47%

Terpene Profile: 6.81%

CBC Percentage: 3.93%

CBG Percentage: 4.23%

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Natural & Artificial Flavors including Citric Acid and Juice Concentrates, Pectin, Natural and Artificial Colors, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil And Carnauba Wax, Cannabis Rosin Extracted From Ice Water Hash (THC)

Packaging is Recyclable

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