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Brain Freezeee

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Recreational Batches

Rec Batch 1117

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Pineapple & White Grape

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Blue Ice & Paloma

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Love Stinks

Sour Apple & Watermelon

Rec Batch 1092

Gator Breath

Blood Orange & Sour Apple

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Cupid's Arrow

Cherry Limeade & White Grape

Rec Batch 1121

Creamy Juicy Papayas

Blueberry & Papaya

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Fruit Cake

Fruit Punch & Honeydew

Rec Batch 1103

Jamma Juice

Lemonade & Papaya

Rec Batch 1098

Applez & Cream

Fruit Punch & Sour Apple

Rec Batch 1116

Greasy Ape

Malbec Grape & Mangorita

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Chive My Car

Limeade & Lux Cherry

Rec Batch 1034

Greasy Runtz

Hula Berry & Tropical Punch

Rec Batch 1090

Private Zuffy

Starfruit & Strawberry Lemonade

Rec Batch 1099

St. Germain

Watermelon & White Grape

Rec Batch 1080


Papaya & Watermelon Breeze

Rec Batch 1109

Grease Monkey

Cherry Limeade & Tangerine

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Moejoe Joejoe

Grape Punch & Limeade

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White Castlez

Blue Ice & Dragon Fruit

Rec Batch 1097

White Lightning

Dragon Fruit & Sangria

Rec Batch 1030

Death Coast

Grape Punch & Limoncello

Rec Batch 1078

Collard Greens

Açai Berry & Guava

Rec Batch 1076

Baby New Year

Bottle Rocket Berry & Limeade

Rec Batch 1088

Moscato Punch

Fruit Punch & Guava

Rec Batch 1100

Fork in the Road

Passion Fruit & Watermelon

Live Rosin Gummies

Medical Batches

Med Batch 183

Summit Citrus

Blue Ice & Tangerine

Med Batch 182

Monkey Man

Limeade & Pineapple

Med Batch 181

Grease Monkey

Cherry Limeade & Watermelon Breeze

Med Batch 180


Dragon Fruit & Sour Apple

Med Batch 179


Blood Orange & Limoncello

Med Batch 177

California Cereal

Sangria & Sour Raz

Med Batch 176

Purple Punch

Grape Punch & Tropical Punch

Med Batch 175

Grape Cookies

Malbec Grape & Sour Apple

Med Batch 174


Hula Berry & Tangerine

Med Batch 173

Grape Pie

Lux Cherry & Malbec Grape

Med Batch 172

Cereal Jams

Strawberry Lemonade & Watermelon Breeze

Med Batch 171

Sundae Driver #2

Cherry Limeade & Sour Apple

The Motet Ticket GiveawayA Collaboration with Dialed In...Gummies, Kind Love and The Motet

Dialed In...Gummies is proud to be a sponsor of The Motet's Colorado Halloween Shows in conjunction with our friends at Kind Love. Please use the sign up form below to enter a contest to win a pair of tickets to either the Boulder or Fort Collins shows next week. Five (5) winners will win 2 tickets to the Boulder Theater shows in Boulder (Saturday, October 30th), and three (3) winners will win 2 tickets to the Washington's show in Fort Collins (Friday, October 29th). Entrants also must provide their Instagram handle and be following @dialedingummiesco, @kindlove_nursery and @themotet. Winners will be notified the morning of Thursday, October 28th. This contest is open to Colorado residents over the age of 21. No purchase necessary. Good luck!

Dialed In...One Year Later

10 Days of Rube Zilla 420 Giveaway

Starting April 20th, we will be giving away 1 print a day for 10 days. On the 10th day, one lucky person will win a grand prize package of 1 print, a $500 Hotels.com gift certificate, and a Puffco Pro. Fill out the form below for your chance to win. For more details, Click Here.

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