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Rec Batch 153

Ice Cream Cake


Med Batch 28

Gas Nana

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Dual OG

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Banana Cake Batter

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Drivin' That Train

Live Rosin Gummies

Recreational Batches

Rec Batch 1186

Geeze Louise

Fruit Punch & Mangorita

Rec Batch 1176

Party On, Wayne!

Blue Ice & Sangria

Rec Batch 1202


Guava & Strawberry Lemonade

Rec Batch 1165

Nasty Sunset

Blood Orange & Sangria

Rec Batch 1194

Drivin' That Train

Appletini & Cherry Limeade

Rec Batch 1187

Wedding Cake

Mangorita & White Grape

Rec Batch 1193

Honey Banana

Limeade & Tangerine

Rec Batch 1195

Apple Punch

Appletini & Fruit Punch

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Tropical Punch & Watermelon Breeze

Rec Batch 1179

Mac N Cheese

Lemonade & Papaya

Rec Batch 1160

Sugar Crash

Blue Ice & Pomegranate

Rec Batch 1166

Point Garlic

Fruit Punch & Lemon Mist

Rec Batch 1196

Greasy Runtz

Limeade & Passion Fruit

Rec Batch 1190


Bottle Rocket Berry & Grape Punch

Rec Batch 1172

Soufflé Pancake

Guava & Pineapple

Rec Batch 1171

Mr. Nasty

Dragon Fruit & Guava

Rec Batch 1170

Ghost Train Haze

Fruit Punch & Lemon Mist

Rec Batch 1169

Party Animal

Pineapple Cooler & Sangria

Rec Batch 1118

Frozen In Time

Lux Cherry & Watermelon Breeze

Rec Batch 1152

Ten Second Knockout

Pineapple Cooler & Tropical Punch

Rec Batch 1156

Motor Breath

Fruit Punch & Honeydew

Rec Batch 1158

Apple Fritter

Grape Punch & Sour Apple

Rec Batch 1159

Garlic Crusher

Bottle Rocket Berry & Fruit Punch

Rec Batch 1161

Chunky Orange Zkittlez

Lemonade & Tangerine

Live Rosin Gummies

Medical Batches

Med Batch 199

Becky's Dirty Van

Mangorita & Pineapple

Med Batch 198

Grape Nerdz

Grape Punch & Watermelon

Med Batch 197

Sweet Peaks

Blood Orange & Sour Apple

Med Batch 196

Drivin' That Train

Blue Ice & Lemonade

Med Batch 195


Appletini & Lemon Mist

Med Batch 194

Grapes of Wrath

Malbec Grape & Watermelon

Med Batch 193


Lemonade & Limeade

Med Batch 192

Banana Puffy

Pineapple Cooler & Starfruit

Med Batch 191

Stone Fruitz

Blue Ice & Lux Cherry

Med Batch 190

Becky Got Back

Bottle Rocket Berry & Mangorita

Med Batch 189

Nerd Gasss

Açai Berry & Dragon Fruit

Med Batch 188

Cosmic Tune

Lemonade & Watermelon

The Motet Ticket GiveawayA Collaboration with Dialed In...Gummies, Kind Love and The Motet

Dialed In...Gummies is proud to be a sponsor of The Motet's Colorado Halloween Shows in conjunction with our friends at Kind Love. Please use the sign up form below to enter a contest to win a pair of tickets to either the Boulder or Fort Collins shows next week. Five (5) winners will win 2 tickets to the Boulder Theater shows in Boulder (Saturday, October 30th), and three (3) winners will win 2 tickets to the Washington's show in Fort Collins (Friday, October 29th). Entrants also must provide their Instagram handle and be following @dialedingummiesco, @kindlove_nursery and @themotet. Winners will be notified the morning of Thursday, October 28th. This contest is open to Colorado residents over the age of 21. No purchase necessary. Good luck!

Dialed In...One Year Later

10 Days of Rube Zilla 420 Giveaway

Starting April 20th, we will be giving away 1 print a day for 10 days. On the 10th day, one lucky person will win a grand prize package of 1 print, a $500 Hotels.com gift certificate, and a Puffco Pro. Fill out the form below for your chance to win. For more details, Click Here.

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