Malek’s Premium Cannabis

After decades spent growing cannabis for other companies, Malek Noueiry made the leap to starting his own commercial grow with Malek’s Premium Cannabis. Premium is an understatement for what he and his team are cultivating! They work with some very impressive genetics such as Strawberry Slurpee and Russian Cream, which has earned them a name for themselves within the Colorado cannabis scene. Their hot pink and teal bags are hard to miss on the shelves, and they sell out very quickly so you have to stay one step ahead by following their drops on Instagram! 

Malek’s team have their cultivation techniques down to a refined science. Their state of the art grow features each room as shipping containers, with each shipping container being equipped with state of the art lights that allow their buds to reach their full potential. You can expect unique strains and terpene profiles when shopping for Malek’s Premium Cannabis.

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