Rec Batch 212


Soiku Bano

(Chemdog x SFV OG Kush)

Cannabinoids 79.31% Terps 5.77%

Primary Terpenes

THC 76.52%

CBG 1.37%

CBC 0.73%

CBD 0.16%

CBN 0.08%

THC-V 0.45%

Batch Size 505

Batch Writeup...

Soiku Bano's Motorbreath liquid gummies simple syrup batch is the perfect sidekick for a productive day. Created from a mix of Chemdog and SFV OG Kush strains, this batch offers a body-like high that will keep you on your toes. Infused with Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene, the terpene profile adds a touch of herbal, citrusy, and earthy goodness. With THC levels soaring at 76.52% and CBG levels at 1.37%, this batch brings potential pain relief and relaxation to the table, allowing you to conquer your day with ease. So grab a bottle of Motorbreath liquid gummies simple syrup and get ready to seize the day!

All batches of Dialed In... Liquid Gummies are prepared using our special sous vide process.

Ingredients: sugar, water, gum acacia, citric acid, cannabis rosin extracted from ice water hash (THC). Made in a facility that uses tree nuts (coconut oil).

SKU: DIG-LG-000212

100mg THC per container • 10 × 10mg THC per serving

Package is recyclable.

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