Rec Batch 216

Becky's Garlic Cookies


(Sour Garlic Cookies + Becky Got Back)

Cannabinoids 73.93% Terps 5.86%

Primary Terpenes

THC 70.79%

CBG 2.12%

CBC 0.80%

Batch Size 309

Batch Writeup...

Prepare to be amazed by Becky's Garlic Cookies liquid gummies simple syrup batch from Lazercat. This batch is akin to a riveting movie that captivates you from the outset to the conclusion. With a robust THC percentage of 70.79%, it delivers a cerebral high that will immerse you in profound contemplation. The terpene profile of this batch, encompassing Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool, adds a unique touch to the overall experience. It's the perfect companion for those after-dark hangouts with friends, where the quest for life's meaning or hot debates on movie endings take precedence. So, grab a bottle of Becky's Garlic Cookies and let your imagination take flight, much like the unpredictable twists in a psychological thriller.


SKU: DIG-LG-000216

100mg THC per container • 10 × 10mg THC per serving

Package is recyclable.

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