Rec Batch 277

Citrus Pie

Soiku Bano

(Super Boof + Cherry Pie Zlush)

Cannabinoids 82.87% Terps 5.98%

Primary Terpenes

THC 76.72%

CBG 4.91%

CBC 0.73%

CBD 0.15%

THC-V 0.36%

Batch Writeup...

Get ready to book a trip to flavor town with the Citrus Pie liquid gummies simple syrup batch! This batch, created from a mix of the strains Super Boof and Cherry Pie Zlush, is the perfect sidekick for your workout or hike, providing a boost of energy and potential pain relief. With a terpene percentage of 5.98%, including Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool, this batch brings a citrusy and floral flavor profile to the table. And with THC levels at 76.72% and CBG at 4.91%, it's a potent combination that will have you feeling like you can conquer the world!


SKU: DIG-LG-000277

100mg THC per container • 10 × 10mg THC per serving

Package is recyclable.

Locations of this batch will be available soon!