Rec Batch 285

Super Boof

Soiku Bano

(Trop Cookies x Black Cherry)

Cannabinoids 82.00% Terps 5.08%

Primary Terpenes

THC 75.64%

CBG 4.89%

CBC 0.87%

CBD 0.16%

CBN 0.07%

THC-V 0.37%

Batch Size 361

Batch Writeup...

Get ready to unleash your inner superhero with Soiku Bano's Super Boof liquid gummies simple syrup batch! Crafted from an energizing blend of Trop Cookies and Black Cherry strains, this concoction is your secret power-up for a daytime body high. With a terpene profile boasting Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool (5.08%), Super Boof offers potential pain relief and a calming effect. The THC level of 75.64% and the CBG level of 4.89% ensure a potent high that'll have you feeling invincible. So, grab a bottle of Super Boof and prepare to take on the world, superhero style!


SKU: DIG-LG-000285

100mg THC per container • 10 × 10mg THC per serving

Package is recyclable.

Locations of this batch will be available soon!