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Batch #77"O" Face

Collaborator Soiku Bano

Lineage (Free M.O. x Early Orange)

Cannabinoids 73.94%

Terps 10.39%

Primary Terpenes LimoneneMyrcenePinene

THC 70.39%

CBG 1.43%

CBC 1.71%

THC-V 0.41%

Batch Size 608

Batch Writeup

Yep. You read that right. Soiku Bano has officially delivered a batch that can give anyone the "O" face. This suggestive cross is between Free M.O., an indica-dominant, and Early Orange, a bright hybrid. The total cannabinoid weight is 73.94% including 70.39% THC, 1.43% CBG, 1.71% CBC, & 0.41% THCV. Here's where the "O" face comes. The total terpene weight is an outrageous 10.39% and includes Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, & Linalool.

With this batch name, the jokes tend to come quicker than you wanted. Seriously, there's no hiding the things you might be thinking about how to use this stuff. Considering all that myrcene, it might help your racing mind relax and really get into the mood. Just go for it! Take a ride on the "O" Face train.

All batches of Dialed In... Liquid Gummies are vegan and are prepared using our special sous vide process.

Ingredients: sugar, water, gum acacia, citric acid, cannabis rosin extracted from ice water hash (THC). Made in a facility that uses tree nuts (coconut oil).

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